Individual Programs

If you are looking to study in Australia, let us help find the right school or institution for you. We can offer advice on where to study and help you with your application as well as provide support whilst you are in Australia.

Contact us about the individual program you may have in mind.

What can we include?

  • Guidance for you on WHERE to study and what you will need to meet entry requirements
  • Access to private or state schools (primary/secondary)
  • Access to University programs for eligible students
  • Accommodation arrangements – homestay or other. *students under 18 years must stay in homestay or boarding school as per Australian Government regulations
  • Enrolment in language school option where available
  • Access to specialized programs on request
  • Varied program lengths
  • Homestay with our caring and friendly host families
  • 24/7 Bilingual support
  • Airport transfers if required
  • Orientation meeting with mentor on arrival
  • Optional Prearrival High School Preparation *coming soon

Who can apply?

EdVenture Consulting is able to provide guidance for study to Australia for any student, from primary school to older students who are thinking to travel abroad for a cultural and linguistic study program.

In order to enrol in a local school or University you may be asked to provide the following evidence:

  • an English exam result
  • academic results
  • medical information

We will be able to guide you in each process.

If you intend to study for longer periods, you may need a student visa. If this is the case, we will advise you, however if you wish to have assistance with your visa application a REGISTERED MIGRATION AGENT will be required to help you.

Please ensure that you acquire the correct visa for any long- term study. We are able to advise names of Visa specialists if required.

Click here to read the Australian Government Information for International Education: ensuring quality and protecting students.


Students undertaking Individual Programs can access the following support from our team:

  • Bilingual 24/7 support from our staff
  • Airport meet by an EdVenture adviser (on request)
  • Arrival Orientation
  • Regular meetings and follow up with an EdVenture adviser
  • Regular reports sent to parents/agents in home country
  • Access to medical care when needed (accompanied by EdVenture staff if required)
  • Liaison with Host Family *arrangements with private schools may differ