Urgently Seeking Host Families for Corinda and Balmoral

Urgently Seeking Host Families for Corinda and Balmoral!



Balmoral State High School

We are honoured to be receiving a cohort of Utsunomiya Kita High School students from Tochigi Prefecture.

3 – 17 March, 2024

Ages 14 – 16

One or two students per household



Corinda State High School

We are honoured to be receiving a cohort of Niigata Meikun students from Niigata Prefecture.

6 – 11 March, 2024

Ages 14 – 16

One or two students per household


We ask host families to please provide three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), accompany students to and from school, ensure students have their own beds (sharing a room is welcome), and to treat students as family during their visit.


Contact homestay@edventureconsulting.com for more information



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Speak like a local – try some Australian slang!

OUtback Australia road with signs

January 26 is Australia Day!  On this day, we all celebrate how lucky we are to live in Australia, with a great lifestyle and a safe and beautiful country.

When you study English, you learn the ‘correct’ way to speak, but in every English speaking country the locals also use an informal way of speaking called slang.   Australian slang is unique, and we love to shorten words!  Here is some Australian slang/colloquialisms for you to learn.

Try writing a conversation using as many of these slang words as possible.

Here are some links that you may also enjoy.

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Make English a part of each day !

Girl with book in front of blackboard

A diary is a great way to record your day to day life – why not write an English diary?

Here are some ideas

Dear Diary,

Let me tell you about today!

Today, the weather was …..

I woke up and …….

I felt ……….

Today was ….

Here is an example:

Dear Diary,

Let me tell you about today!

Today the weather was perfect.  It was bright and sunny.

I woke up early and went for a walk with my dog.

I felt really happy today.

Today was a busy day as I went to school and also had my music lessons but it was all fun.

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Why become a Host Family?

Why should you host an international student?  

Hosting an international student is a rewarding experience for both your family and for the visiting student.  When you host a student from another part of the world, you are doing your part in promoting friendship, understanding, and cooperation.  Participating in homestay programs allow us to better understand our differences and appreciate our similarities.  Here are some good reasons to host:

  1. Share our unique Australian Culture
    This is your opportunity to show visitors why Australia is the lucky country. Our lifestyle, the customs we celebrate, and the values we live by. As we enter an increasingly global society, international understanding and respect are becoming increasingly important. Becoming a host family is your opportunity to be a cultural guide.
  2. Learn about another culture
    Host family / international student relationships go both ways. While your hosted student is soaking up our culture, you’ll also have the unique opportunity to learn about theirs. It’s a cultural bonding experience like no other.
  3. Have fun
    Families who have hosted students in the past have told us how much fun the experience was. There are lots of laughs and celebration – and when it is over, most host families agree that the experience was rewarding and enriching.
  4. Reconnect with your Community
    When you’re a local, it’s easy to take every day attractions for granted. But when you host a student, you’ll reconnect with the history of your hometown, the landmarks, the beaches, volunteer opportunities, cuisine and so much more.
  5. Make friendships that last a lifetime
    The hosting experience rarely ends when your international student says goodbye. The connections that are made are real and long-lasting. Many host families plan trips to visit their student in his/her home country, and students often revisit Australia – and their host family – in the future.

Contact us to become an EdVenture host family today!

happy host family with student
A day out for a host family and student at the beach

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